View Full Version : Can I use fujinon sw 90mm on Shen Hao TFC45-IIB?

26-Mar-2013, 23:09
Can I use the fujinon sw 90mm f9 on Shen Hao TFC45-IIB without the wide angle bellow?

How about fujinon w 180mm 5.6? I only use rise and fall and it says the bellow extension is 50-190mm.



Lachlan 717
26-Mar-2013, 23:46
90mm? Yes, with slightly limited shift/rise.

180mm? Yes, but only around infinity. Front extension, rather than bellow draw, is the limitation here (if you're worried about movements stressing the bellows).

27-Mar-2013, 00:51
You could use the 180 but don't think your going to do close ups with in. Remember the closer you focus the more bellows draw you need.