View Full Version : i would like to see the camera that goes with this!

26-May-2004, 18:46
Its kind of hard to imagine a camera that this bellows belongs to.


Brian Vuillemenot
26-May-2004, 18:59
Maybe our buddy with the ultra high resolution camera should pick this up for his next project!

Jorge Gasteazoro
26-May-2004, 19:10

26-May-2004, 19:44
model in one room. Film next door.

David A. Goldfarb
26-May-2004, 19:51
Process camera most likely. We had one in our high school print shop, and it was in fact built into a room, so you would enter one room to set up the item to be copied, and then go into a darkroom where the back was to focus and load the vacuum back and make the exposure.

David G. Gagnon
26-May-2004, 19:53
Are these bellows for black and white film only? Because that's what they look like to me. ;-)


paul miller
26-May-2004, 20:37
The aliens have invaded and they look like big black slugs and they are shaped like bellows!!!! You can see in that photo, there is a big black one lying dead on the street there!! Raise the terror alert level!

26-May-2004, 21:20
I agree with Goldfarb that it is from a process camera.


27-May-2004, 09:39
you think that's big..oughta check out the "largest camera on the East coast" ...saw some pictures of this beast earlier this month-- used a 47.5 inch goerz apo-artar and shot to 40x60. apparently it was & still is one of the largest process cameras ever built. had to be dropped in place with a crane and the building was put up around it.

Jean-Louis Llech
27-May-2004, 10:35
Maybe a light "sagging" problem. The shutter release is easy : shut the door !

Calamity Jane
27-May-2004, 10:41
How about that! Ya could LIVE in it between shoots. . . .

27-May-2004, 12:34
i think i found what its used for!!!