View Full Version : Color issues when scanning color negative wet-mounted.

26-Mar-2013, 03:39

I was using betterscanning.com holder & ANR glass, pure light mineral oil, overlay mylar for this test scan. I used VUESCAN to create a digital negative and COLORPERFECT to color-correct.
But why am I having what's in the blue and yellow boxes I drew above.
Color shifted on those specific area only. Any methods/techniques to get rid of them or prevent them to occur during scan?

Doug Fisher
26-Mar-2013, 07:00
It looks light you are getting light flare in areas where your masks is not cut tight/close to your film. Since you are scanning the full piece of film, including the film type notches, it will be hard to avoid this. You can get the mask tighter around the side that is cut straight without notches though.