View Full Version : Need help identifying these Sinar boards; and, Sinar shutter recommendations

John Schneider
25-Mar-2013, 22:47
First, I've accumulated several unusual Sinar lensboards from eBay purchases, and I'd like to know what they are for, please.

This then segues into my other inquiry: I've been considering switching from Packard shutters to a Sinar shutter for my barrel lenses, not the least because all my larger barrel lenses are already mounted on Sinar boards (I use a Sinar-171 adapter board on my 171 Arca). I know that, for this purpose, there is no practical difference between the f4 and f5.6 versions. What should I look for in a well-functioning unit, and what cables etc. do I need to get to make it work?

Also, what is a good way to hold the lenses in front of the Sinar shutter? For the Packards I used a cobbled-together arrangement with a universal iris mounted in front of the Packard. This worked well for smaller Packards, but grew to be very difficult with the larger-sized shutters that were larger than the 171 lensboard and thus had to be hung out in front. If I could mount Sinar boards in front of the Sinar shutter, and mount the Sinar shutter on a 171 board, I'd swap tomorrow.

Leonard Robertson
28-Mar-2013, 08:49
Those boards look like they are for the early version of the Sinar behind-lens shutter, designed for the Sinar Norma. That shutter didn't have any aperture control built in as the later Sinar DB shutter does. The aperture for the early shutter was controlled by the knob and cable arrangement on the lens board. If you search eBay Worldwide, you may find pictures of this style board with the original barrel mount lens. You might be able to modify the aperture control to work with the barrel lenses you have, but there isn't a huge advantage to it. You can close down the aperture from behind the camera, and it is easier to stop down if you use a compendium lens shade.

I've never heard of a big difference between the f4 and f5.6 versions of the Sinar DB shutter. I recall reading the opening is the the same size for both versions. Maybe someone can give more information on this.

The one thing to watch for in buying a Sinar shutter is to be sure it includes the special Sinar cable release. This cable is unique to the Sinar shutter with a really long throw, since it must cock the shutter just before it fires. Regular cable releases just won't work. I don't have a link to a picture of the Sinar cable, but if you do a Google Image search for Sinar shutter, you should be able to find one. These cable releases are really difficult to find separate from the shutter and often sell for $175 or so if you do find one. There are many Sinar shutters for sale without the cable release, so be aware. There is another Sinar cable which goes from the shutter to the Sinar camera back which closes the shutter when a film holder is inserted. Something you can easily get along without especially since you want to use the shutter on an Arca. There is a Sinar flash sync cable, but I believe those are somewhat easier to find if you shutter comes without it.

There have been previous posts on the LF forums regarding hacking a Sinar shutter onto various cameras. You might search the forums and see what you can find. The Sinar frame holds the lens board in front, and the Sinar shutter on the rear of the frame. These frames show up on eBay and you may be able to mount one of these in front of your Arca standard. You might buy an entire Sinar F front standard just to get the frame.