View Full Version : Cheap carrying solution for Cambo SCX 8x10??

25-Mar-2013, 07:51
HI guys, I'm looking to use my 8x10 Cambo on location and I'm afraid the large cardboard box with foam solution isn't cutting it. Budget is key, I can't afford a large peli-case or similar and many of the cheaper solutions like rolling studio bags are too small in one or other dimension. I'd ideally like something I can roll but don't mind whether it's a non-rolling storage system on a trolley or has wheels integrated. Living in Ireland so ideally something I can buy without too much difficulty on this side of the globe, or maybe acquire through the auction site or this forum

replies appreciated


25-Mar-2013, 07:57
I carry my 4x5 Cambo in the Cambo case. Like this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/26-x-13-x-18-Black-Calumet-Hard-Case-View-4x5-Camera-Great-Condition-/111037223080?pt=US_Camera_Cases_Bags&hash=item19da5590a8

It is big but holds the camera securely. Won't the 8x10 fit into the same case? I pull mine on a separate luggage trolley and while not totally convenient it is an affordable solution. Hopefully someone will be able to verify if the 8x10 will fit or not. Good luck!

25-Mar-2013, 08:04
Thanks for your reply, unfortunately 4x5 standard cases are too small, the scx has a 30 inch rail, and is approx 18.5 inches in width and height

Drew Bedo
26-Mar-2013, 08:24
Formany years now, every camera bag/case i own has been acquired as a used cast-off. Some of them pretty good ones. Even a well worn bag can be useful if only for the foam devisers or inserts.

I check at pawn shops and camera repair shops. Often they have camera bvags that are not a high value item for them and will let them go cheap. abnother source is non-profit resale shops and charity thrift stores. Nowadays there are plenty of roll-around compiter cases thatr cawn be great for camera gear. These can often be had for well under $10.

Maybe a cheap piece of luggage will work for your application.

26-Mar-2013, 08:53
For me the container was not the tricky part. It was balance. I ended up with one of those two-wheeled shopping drag-abouts with what look like medium sized plastic wheels from a lawn mower. The tripod goes on my side of the frame, and I have various bins- the heavy, almost rubbery plastic with 'good lip depth' and flat bungees and rubber snubbers holding it together. For traveling, I like cheap cloth webbing straps. Anyway, the wheelbase has to be able to prevent the sidewise twisting that'll break your grip(or wrist) as you cross an uneven surface. There's a guy with a 12x20 who uses a fancy bicycle trailer with brakes and a drop leg. But our 8x10s are compact and lightweight next to his rig.

Carl J
26-Mar-2013, 10:09
You might also consider getting a shorter rail. At the suggestion of another forum member I have 22 inch rail on my 810N, which is still too long, but does make it a bit more compact. The SCX has the extendable rail although I know these are hard to come by and thus may not be practical. Of course, still doesn't solve your basic problem but I do think a cart of some kind (and possibly a shorter rail) is the best idea if you don't want the hassle of taking it apart (and I wouldn't if I could avoid it). I thought about backpacks but it's such a bulky camera and the geared SCX weighs even more than my more basic model.

27-Mar-2013, 01:19
Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I suppose I was kind of hoping someone had found a specific solution in the form of a readily available product that they found. I could spend days trawling luggage listings and rolling and hard case options on ebay and be no closer, so if anyone has found a specific fit for that camera or camera of similar dimensions and they can provide a link to the product so I can try and locate one that would be great.

@Carl thanks for the suggestion, I shoot mostly portraits so I think I might run into trouble with a shorter rail as I like to work reasonably close-up, plus as you point out, they're in short supply. Thanks anyway though, D

John Koehrer
27-Mar-2013, 10:37
Some of the rolling toolboxes from Home Depot or Menards may work out. There's a lot of variety in outdoor/sporting goods stores either in hunting or fishing departments too.

Jim C.
27-Mar-2013, 11:35
Trying to find a case for cambo 8x10 beast is not easy, I have a similar set up but with a 39" rail, you may want to look into used road cases,
I found one on the Bay for not much money fortunately it was sized for a 8x10 view camera.T hey do pop up from time to time, easy to add
casters if you wish, but they are awkward to lug around.

Actually a steamer trunk might fit the bill too.

If you're handy you could cobble a road case together to custom fit, they're nothing more than 1/2" plywood with abs plastic
faces with metal edging and corners.

Like these as an example - http://www.fibrecase.com/roadcases.html
hardware - http://www.reliablehardware.com/mostpopularstandardroadcasehardware.aspx