View Full Version : Deardorff / Calumet C1 Lens Board?

kev curry
25-Mar-2013, 00:50
Does the Deardorff and the Calumet C1 (Back Version) share the same lens boards?

Len Middleton
25-Mar-2013, 00:58

Yes, I have a C1 lensboard I use with a 600 Apo Ronar on my Deardorff V8.

I would assume it goes the other way as well, but cannot confirm.


kev curry
25-Mar-2013, 01:05
Thanks Len, I'll wait for further confirmation just to be certain.

25-Mar-2013, 04:22
Hey Kev, yes they are the same size.
You can get wooden ones on the auction site or
original metal ones on the US Calumet website.

kev curry
25-Mar-2013, 07:14
Hello Mat, thanks for the confirmation and the info. Hope you dont miss your C1 to much;-)