View Full Version : Large Format DeVere/Durst service tech?

Kyle Juron
24-Mar-2013, 19:07
Hi Everyone,

I know this is the camera area but one of the moderators suggested that I include a post here.

We are currently looking for a technician to service/repair a Durst HL2506AF and/or a Devere H810 modified to project 11x14 film. Our studio is located in Vancouver, BC, and we are open to accommodating travel arrangements. For further inquiry please contact us via private message or email.

Any references to possible sources for service would be greatly appreciated as well.



Daniel Stone
24-Mar-2013, 19:15

24-Mar-2013, 19:26
Try KHB Photographix in Toronto.
Have extra arm and/or leg prepared to send as payment.

Kyle Juron
26-Mar-2013, 11:35
Thanks Guys,

We are aware of these companies but also just wanted to put some lines out into the world to see if there are any past/current independent techs to try and explore our options fully.

All your thoughts and help are greatly appreciated!

Ed Bray
26-Mar-2013, 11:40
You could try Oddessey Sales in the UK (http://www.odyssey-sales.co.uk/), they may be able to point you in the correct direction.