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Bulent Ozgoren
26-May-2004, 09:04
Please visit my new website: www.bulentozgoren.com

26-May-2004, 09:44
lovely website

Paul Schilliger
26-May-2004, 10:55
Lovely background image.

David R Munson
26-May-2004, 11:34
Most excellent.

Daniel Grenier
26-May-2004, 12:54
What a beautiful job you did with your website. Looks very professional. Easy to follow, clean and uncluttered with great images to boot. Well done indeed.

Just a note... in your links you have "WISHNER" as opposed to WISNER... other than that, it looks great.

Steve J Murray
26-May-2004, 13:25
I particularly like your portraits. Arnold Neuman influence? He's been a big influence on me over the years. Nice website you have!

Emrehan Zeybekoglu
26-May-2004, 13:48

You've done a great job! I was lucky enough to see some of those wonderful 4x5s at your Istanbul exhibition. Now we have the chance to view them online.

For those who see these images for the first time let me indicate that they were simply stunning.

Robert J Cardon
26-May-2004, 13:49
B - The site is very nice. I assume you live/are from Turkey. Although I love my dear USA dearly (but fear my government), I often think that photographers in Europe and Asia have far more subjects of interest when it comes to the "antiquity genre" than we have here in N. America. Now obviously Europe and Asia contain cultural roots (at least recorded ones) that are much older than what we have here, thus there is a richer history.

But I still marvel at the incongruity of atttitues and actions Americans exhibit towards our past and architecture. On one have we romanticize the ruins and relatively run down (by USA standards) of Europe, and even our own small towns and historic sites. Travel mags are filled with images of gorgeous(and rustic) places like e.g., Tuscony. Yet on the other hand, we seem to be dedicated to covering our nation with ticky tacky tract homes (which all look the same), strip malls, nondistinct square glass and steel office buildings, and super highways. I wonder why in this nation of wealth, we have such prosaic tastes in the architecture and created ambiance of our homes and communities. I think back in the '50s, JK Galibraith coined the phrase, "Private affluence, public squalor."

But who knows, maybe 200 years from now, Wal-Mart super centers will be viewed as quaint and picturesque, candidated for historical preservation.

Anyway, B, you're fortunate to have such rich subject matter in your country.


26-May-2004, 14:53
hi RJ:

Here is another website for you to enjoy http://farahmahbub.com/Main/index.htm

Graeme Hird
26-May-2004, 17:28
Great shots Bulent, and the web site design is clean and fast.

I think you need to apply some sharpening to all your images - they come across as being "fuzzy", but it's only a minor point.

Well done.

Rory Roopnarine
27-May-2004, 13:26
A lovely website with very good photographs, however, I am troubled by the striking similarity between this site and Paul Schilliger's in concept and design. Mr. Ozgoren's elaboration on his "Approach" within the technical articles, for instance, seems to be almost transcribed directly from Mr. Schilliger's site.

Francis Abad
27-May-2004, 15:42
There are some really nice compositions there but either the scans or the actual prints have interferred with the sharpness that my monitor is able to provide. Quite fuzzy in some places.

Rory you are right! Incredible! This blatant plagiarism cheapens the site for me. How can anyone do this and have pride of work! Never mind that the concept and design was lifted as well! Yikes, where is the originality in thought and emotion. Paul should be told!

David A. Goldfarb
27-May-2004, 16:58
"The sincerest form of flattery," as they say. If you think Bulent's website is good, check out http://www.paulschilliger.com/.

Bulent Ozgoren
28-May-2004, 07:21
I apologise for the almost transcribed text, especially from Mr Schilliger and the community. I am not very good in words especially in English and I must have been over influenced by Mr Schilliger's feelings and words which seemed like coming from my own mind. I am changing the text as soon as possible.

Larry Gebhardt
28-May-2004, 09:19
You also owe an apology to:

Mark Council (http://www.naturephotographs.com/)

and Craig Wells (http://www.tranquilityimages.com/about.shtml) who's words still grace your front page.

Google is a wonderful tool for this sort of thing.

28-May-2004, 09:42
... not to mention: http://www.kimweston.com/workshops/workshop8x10.htm Vs http://www.bulentozgoren.com/4_5_workshop_eng.htm ...

and even parts of his Biog: http://www.ordovergallery.com/holmes.htm Vs http://www.bulentozgoren.com/bio.htm

Hmmm - I think Larry Gebhardt has found me a new hobby....