View Full Version : I just found that I own seven Linhof 9x12 film holders.

Vick Ko
23-Mar-2013, 14:54
I just found that I own seven Linhof 9x12 film holders.

I thought they were 4x5.

Okay, what do I do with them?

Anyone want to trade for 4x5?


23-Mar-2013, 19:35
Vick-- If they fit my Reflex-Primar, I'd be happy to trade for some nice 4x5 holders. Can you send me the dimensions? Thanks.

Vick Ko
23-Mar-2013, 21:13
Outer dimensions are 12mm thick x 120.6mm wide x 172mm long. (7/16 x 4-3/4 x 6-3/4 inches).

Same size as a Lisco Regal 4x5 film holder.

Does a Reflex-Primar use a standard 4x5 film holder?


23-Mar-2013, 21:22
Thanks Vick. Unfortunately, your holders are too thick for the Reflex-Primar. It would be nice if it accepted a standard 4x5 holder, but it needs the older style 9x12 holders with the thinner ridge.

Vick Ko
24-Mar-2013, 07:18
Anyone ever modify a 9x12 film back to take 4x5 film?

If so, how, and what tools are needed?


24-Mar-2013, 07:34
wouldn't it be easier to get some 9x12 film?

24-Mar-2013, 07:37
The mouldings are different, so no chance of conversion. I presume these are modern Internatioanl DDS holders, people min mainland Europe shoot 9x12 film all the manufactuers sell it as it was onve the common standard.

Your problem is earlier 9x12 plate/film holders are sort after but there wasn't a standard, but these days people would rather have 5x4 DDS than the moder 9x12 version.