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Ernest Purdum
25-May-2004, 12:10
Do you have any comments on Photo Impact Pro?

Ellis Vener
25-May-2004, 13:21
yes I do have a relevant comment: Adobe Photoshop CS.

25-May-2004, 13:39
I use Photoshop CS - but if you are trying to save a few bucks you might be better off with Picture Window Pro 3.0 for $89.95.

I'm on Mac and is not available - but have heard from many Windows users that Picture Window Pro is the best alternative for Windows.


evan clarke
25-May-2004, 13:49
HI, Try the Gimp. It is open soure and free--- http://gimp.org/ ..Evan

Tony Galt
25-May-2004, 15:22
I'm a long term Picture Window Pro user and I can testify that it is an excellent program. It was thought up with photography (and not general graphics applications) in mind. It has grown through several versions and has a variety of powerful features. Whatsmore, the price is right.

Ken Lee
25-May-2004, 18:59
I don't know about the other programs, but Photoshop has long been the standard. If you intend to print your output, then you will want support for multiple color spaces and profiles, not to mention the zillions of other features. If all you need to do is make simple corrections to your images for display on the web, then even a simple program will do. Since you are on the Large Format forum, then you may be dealing with large files. If so, make sure that whatever you get is robust enough to handle them without a strain or failure.

Another thing to consider is that a more feature-rich tool like Photoshop can expose you to more than you know, thus broadening your creative horizons.