View Full Version : diffrent fixers

22-Mar-2013, 15:14
Im going to toy with TMAX100 using TMAX RS next week. Right now i use ilford rapid fixer with HC110 on TriX320. If I keep using Ilford fixer will that effect the negative at all?

Mark Sampson
22-Mar-2013, 17:30
No. Most all commercially-availablle rapid fixers are the same formula. Fix for 2x-3x the clearing time. Be aware of the 'pink stain' often left over on TMax negs, it's undissolved anti-halation dye. Longer hypo-clearing agent times, and longer wash times, will generally remove this stain... although it's not as big a problem as it might seem.
(The only substantially-different rapid fixer you can buy commercially is Formulary TF-4; an alkaline, not acid, fixer.)

22-Mar-2013, 18:23
I pre-wash all my TMX film before developing and it seems to eliminate the stain problem.

22-Mar-2013, 19:44
I have gone rounds with that bloody pink/purple tint with TriX, not sure if its the anti-halation or a sensation layer. I do presoak and right now im doing a double fix bath and a longish soak in hypo clear. After a bit of a rinse its gone. Glad to hear I can use ilford, I have a lot of it on hand.