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25-May-2004, 06:58
Anyone have any info on when this new scanner will actually be available to buy.

I am considering it instead of the 1800 for my 4x5 and future 8x10 transparancies


25-May-2004, 07:28
I don't think Microtek even knows. Vaporware?

Guy Tal
25-May-2004, 10:49
The press release says end of March, '04:

In the mean time, Epson announced an upcoming dedicated film scanner (read - not a flatbed design, a "real" film scanner) that may be worth waiting for:


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Bob Ring
25-May-2004, 16:14
I actually called Microtek yesterday on this! They claim that they'll start shipping the 900 in a couple of weeks. I also asked about the differences in the 900 & 1800. They advised me that the 900 is focused on reflective type scans (hence the restore software) whereas the 1800 is the right one for transparencies due to a better lens (and improved CCD). I wish someone actually had experience with both so I can decide which one to buy (I want to scan 4x5 slides) as the 1800 is 2X the 900!

Jeffrey Zweig
27-May-2004, 15:16
The i900 is a built up Scanmaker 8700. It incorporates higher resolution along with Digital ICE. While it does come with the glassless scanning bed for slides and negatives like the 1800f it is not in the same category if you are looking for professional results. If you are a home user who simply wants to archieve slides or negatives or use them for whatever then the i900 will do an admirable job. If you are looking for a scanner that will be used in a professional atmosphere then I would seriously consider the 1800f.

Michael Mutmansky
28-May-2004, 18:13
The information I received from Microtek is consistant with the above posts regarding quality of the i900 vs. the 1800f. I was told that the 1800f has a higher quality CCD array that is less prone to noise, and the CCD cooling system and the optics are superior also.

As a result, I suspect that while the 1800f has a maximum resoltion of 1800dpi, and the real resolving maximum is certainly less, the i900 has a 4800dpi maximum that is probbably an overstatement by a substantial amount, and may even result in a lower resolvable resolution than the 1800f.

The 1800f clearly has a superior dmax capability, and with the lower noise floor, it will produce superior scans in the shadows without question.

I would like to see a comparison review done by someone who has the 1800f, but I suspect that in just about every aspect, it will be the superior scanner.


MG VaughAn
3-Jun-2004, 09:51
The i900 shipped yesterday and currently is available only through mail order.

Jeffrey Zweig
8-Jun-2004, 20:26
It did in fact ship from Microtek. It is available from quite a few resellers online and looks to be in stock for most of the ones I've checked. I should have mine in a week so I will post a review shortly! You can find the specs of it online on their site at: