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Bernice Loui
22-Mar-2013, 09:43
Would like some suggestions for what brand to try and worth purchasing..



Ken Lee
22-Mar-2013, 10:16
You might find this brief article (http://www.kenleegallery.com/html/tech/index.php#Monocular) helpful.

The ATN Viper mentioned in the article is still made. There may be better models, but I've had mine for years. The switch is getting a bit sticky, but it still works fine.

It paid for itself the first time I dropped a sheet of film on the floor instead of placing it into the developer. I just picked it up, rinsed it off, and proceeded.

It paid for itself again when I noticed that my film developer was bad (while developing the film) and was able to mix up some more developer, add it to the tray, and carry on until the film was developed as normal. You can even read the mixing instructions in the dark. This has happened more than once I confess. Also, development by inspection is made almost idiot-proof with one of these devices. There's no surprise when you turn on the lights, because the lights are never off, as it were.

22-Mar-2013, 10:48
I have IR and night-vision binoculars of a brand that are no longer available, but I can offer a couple suggestions. First, if you can, try them on! Some fit, some do not. And if you wear glasses, be certain they fit over your glasses. Mine do not and I had to adapt my astigmatic lenses into the frame. Most IR goggles are not intended for close work, so be sure you can focus both sides of the eyepieces (front and back). The back are diopters and the front adjust distance focus. It makes a difference.

I got mine after a shop accident that badly injured a hand which made loading film very difficult. They got me through the acclimation period. Today I use only use them to look for light leaks (the night vision part w/o the IR light source).

Let me end with a funny. You know those rugged, black civilian 'combat' outfits poseurs buy, thinking they are some kind of storm trooper? Under infrared light most are brilliant white!

23-Mar-2013, 08:02
I use one of these http://tnvc.com/shop/pvs-14-night-enforcer-gen3-pinnacle-night-vision-monocular/ on a head mount when loading and unloading film. It has a built in IR illuminator also. Pretty inexpensive considering its specs. Picking up a second to keep with my hiking kit.

23-Mar-2013, 08:09
$3,000+ is inexpensive? :eek:

Michael Kadillak
23-Mar-2013, 08:51
$3,000+ is inexpensive? :eek:

You only need a Generation 1 monocle for this application. I have been using mine now for over five years and since they get handled with care in the darkroom, an occasional set of batteries is all they need.

I use an external IR light source bounced off of the darkroom wall so I do not have that red glow that I can see ( and so can the film) in the mix. Works fine.