View Full Version : Luminor and MF engravings on lenses solved

Steven Tribe
21-Mar-2013, 09:36
Lens VM has a little on the Luminor engraving and I have seen lenses with MF written like a trademark.

Luminor was the trademark of the optical sales chain in France called Manufacture Francaise d'Armes et Cycles (MF) who marketed a wide range of cameras and their "own" lenses. This is much the same as Perken, Son & Rayment used the "optimus" designation on a whole range of products.

I have the catalogue for 1922 which shows the range of separate lenses sold - including 3 varieties of RR, a "Petzwal!" and 2 anastigmats - if there is interest from Luminor/MF owners, I can post the right pages!

I hope the cover illustration doesn't "breach" current rules.