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20-Mar-2013, 16:57
Dear LF fellows,
Can you give me advice regarding NPC Polaroid 195 camera?
I have chance to buy one, but dont know if I need one:(

Advance thanks


20-Mar-2013, 19:39
You don't need it. I'll take it. (How much?)

20-Mar-2013, 19:43
In theory, we don't need any of the stuff we have, but what interests you about the 195?
I used to have one, but sold it once I bought a Polaroid back for my 4x5.

20-Mar-2013, 19:50
On a more serious note, Ari's got the point for me. I was actually lucky to get a hand on a Polaroid 180 a little while back for about half the going price on Ebay.

I had fun shooting a couple of pack of FP-100C and then I realized...It really doesn't have any advantage over my Speed Graphic (or my 2x3 Century Graphic with a hacked 3x4 Polaroid back) and a Xenotar 100/2.8. Considering that I can swap lenses with the Graphics but not with the 180, that I can "compose & shoot" with the GG as well as use the rangefinder, and of course swap backs with other polaroids or roll film backs, etc., I realized that I truly didn't *need* the 180. So it's probably going to go on the market soon :)

20-Mar-2013, 23:48
I used to have Polaroid 360 and I am selling now Polaroid 350, as I also have 600SE. All land cameras are fun to use, 180, 190 or 195 and even better, they have much better lens. True you can not change the lens, etc, but still it is so much fun to use it. Very simple, and it attracts a lot of strange looks.

Go get it. You can always sell it, there is a market for those cameras, and the fresh film is still produced.

21-Mar-2013, 03:17
I have the 190. It's quite good. NPC 195 is great & higher price.

21-Mar-2013, 08:42
I forgot to mention, already have 180 with wide open capabillities, aperture dont work:(
Ok, thank you all. I will think a little bit and decide.
PS. Price for NPC is 850e:(

18-Aug-2013, 03:15
I know this is an old thread, but did you end up purchasing the NPC 195? I had one and am now kicking myself that I sold it. When I sold it I was thinking along the same lines as I have other cameras that shoot just as well or better. I was doing a bit of cleaning house and sold a bunch of stuff I wasn't using very often. But that is one camera I wish I held on to, mainly as a collectable. It's a beautiful camera!

18-Aug-2013, 04:58
Instead of NPC, I bought Polaroid 195. Think I made better choice;)