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20-Mar-2013, 06:50
Hello everybody,

I plan to shoot architecture soon and got no money for expensive cams
but own a cambo sc.
I thought to use 6x9 and 6x12 backs on it.
I know so far that I need a recessed lens board and a wide angle bag.
As a wide angle lens something between 58mm and 75mm would be good for the beginning, I guess.

But which lens offers full movements then with a 6x9 rollfilm back?
And does it work with cambo sc at all. Or is the space between lens and film to short to shift
and it is not worth trying to use cambo sc for architecture??

In case it works somehow, is there older and cheaper wide angle lenses than the super angulons xl for example?

I would be very happy to get some advice!

All the best from Germany


Dan Fromm
20-Mar-2013, 07:13
Timo, if you reverse your Cambo's rear standard on the rail and put the tripod mounting block at the very front end of the rail you'll find that y'r SC's minimum flange-to-film distance is approximately 40 mm. You'll also find that the film holder's dark slide can be pulled out only when the film holder is on the back in portrait orientation. To use the camera with a very short lens in landscape orientation you'll have to flop it on its side. Rotate the rail 90 degrees in the tripod mounting block.

Bag bellows for 4x5 Cambos sometimes turn up at surprisingly low prices. I bought one last year (I'm in the US, bought from a seller in the US, so no customs or value added tax or trans-Atlantic shipping charges) for around $55 delivered. I don't know how much you can reasonably expect to pay for flat 4x5 Cambo lens boards. If you can get them cheaply enough, it might pay you to make a short bag bellows yourself. Cut out two boards to make bellows frames.

The 47/5.6 SA (non-XL) will nearly cover 6x12, allows useful movements on 6x12. Longer SAs (non-XL) and Grandagons and Nikkors and Fujis have ample coverage for 6x12. Among older lenses, Berthiot Ser. VIa f/14 Perigraphes are much underappreciated and undervalued, but are all (?) in barrel and will have to be mounted in front of a largish shutter. My lens diary (http://www.galerie-photo.com/telechargement/dan-fromm-6x9-lenses-v2-2011-03-29.pdf) shows how I use a 60/14 Perigraphe. As mounted it won't quite cover 6x12, the shutter cuts off the corners.

I've had a 2x3 Cambo for several years, have been accumulating the pieces needed to shoot 6x12. 4x5 Cambo standard, reducing bellows (4x5 at one end, 2x3 at the other; I have pleated, have frames to make a bag, am waiting for the bellows fabric to arrive), 6x12 roll holder. Starting from a 4x5 Cambo to shoot 6x9 or 6x12 will be less expensive than starting from a 2x3er, I can't recommend getting a 2x3er, even at today's low (sometimes) prices. Mine was a gift.

Good luck, have fun,


21-Mar-2013, 13:08
Thanks a lot Dan for your detailed and helpful information!