View Full Version : The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated (Velvia 50)

20-Mar-2013, 02:57
I've just put a news post up about it here (http://www.onlandscape.co.uk/news/reports-of-my-death-have-been-greatly-exaggerated/)

Here's a direct link to my translation of the Fujifilm press release


I've translated the graphic as well - the original is here


/via Christian Stromberg (ta!)

Lachlan 717
20-Mar-2013, 03:01
Damn; still nothing in 7x17" reversal…

Still, 8x10 in Velvia 50 is good news.

20-Mar-2013, 14:34
I'm sure there are a lot of people on here who are very happy about it! This bodes well for, perhaps, the return of some other discontinued emulsions. If they'd just bring back my Astia...

David R Munson
20-Mar-2013, 14:42
If they brought back Neopan 400 in 120, I'd give up Kodak entirely! Aside from HC-110, that is. I'll use that 'til I'm dead.

Robert Ellis
20-Mar-2013, 15:21
This news warms my heart, even after I just stocked up on a good bunch of it.

John NYC
20-Mar-2013, 15:43
If they brought back Neopan 400 in 120, I'd give up Kodak entirely!

Hear, hear!

Larry Gebhardt
20-Mar-2013, 17:34
Too bad they killed it off in 5x7, but good news that it's available in other sizes again.

21-Mar-2013, 11:38
I would like to have the fp100c45 back...

21-Mar-2013, 12:28
I'l keep my fingers crossed for Astia in 120 and 4x5. I always liked Astia for nudes and portraits.

Greg Davis
22-Mar-2013, 10:48
Do they not manufacture an 8x10 color negative film anymore? Or is that simply not included in the repackaging notice?

Noah A
22-Mar-2013, 15:04
Yeah I was wondering about the negative film too, only in 4x5. Neg sheet film is not mentioned and I'm not sure if that is merely because it's not being repackaged. I assume that's the case, I would think there would be more noise if they stopped making it.

I shoot Kodak portra, but Fuji is my backup plan if Kodak stops making Portra.

Greg Davis
23-Mar-2013, 15:12
Same here, hence my question.

Jim Andrada
23-Mar-2013, 21:14
FWIW I checked the Tokyo camera stores and they list Fuji pro 160 in 8 x 10 as being in stock. 4 x 5 also. I don't see it on B&H

24-Mar-2013, 09:52

BTW, the new RVP50 version is already listed at a Japanese Camera Store, Yodobashi ( http://www.yodobashi.com )
and seems to become available in May ... confirming the shipping in April from the FujiFilm announcement ...

Hope there will become available a cheaper way to obtain the film within the EU, though.

Best regards,

29-Mar-2013, 12:38
For those who are in the know, can we assume distribution will include US and and news on revised pricing?