View Full Version : Anyone in NYC want to share Kodak Flexicolor C-41 chemistry order from Unique Photo?

19-Mar-2013, 17:52
I'm running out of C-41 chemicals and need to get more (except for fixer which I have a ton of) ...

I plan to order:

4 X 1534718 (4 x 5L Developer Replenisher - you might need starter (http://www.uniquephoto.com/product/kodak-ektacolor-ra-developer-replenisher-rt-for-color-neg-paper-makes-25-gal-8485153/))

1 X 8824690 (2 x 5L Bleach)

24 X 1925254 (1.5L x 24 final rinse / stabilizer)

This order will split in half nicely $120.00 each shipped to 10003.

Processing C-41 at home is not difficult, would be happy to explain the process.

19-Mar-2013, 17:58
I'm interested. I've been using the tetenal/jobo/unicolor c-41 press kits for years, but am interested in trying flexicolor. I would need starter and fixer, and I assume you could point me in the direction for those.

19-Mar-2013, 18:14
OK! I will PM you.