View Full Version : schneider super symmar 80 xl on Linhof MT 2000: extent of baseboard vignetting

Peter Moser
23-May-2004, 04:21
according to the Linhof manual, a Schneider Super-Symmar XL 80 can be used with a Linhof MT 2000 on a recessed lensboard with the top section of the focusing track in wide-angle position (1 notch back). However, with 4x5' films in horizontal position there is "slight vignetting caused by the front end of the baseboard". Can anyone tell me from experience what "slight" means here? How much of a standard 4x5 negative is used up by an image of the baseboard at the expense of the scenery?

Jean-Louis Llech
23-May-2004, 04:52
I don't know exactly how much is the vignetting with the SA XL 5.6/80.
Logically, this is likely to occur more in vertical (portrait) position that in horizontal (landscape) position, because the film is lowered of an inch more in height.

I currently use the SA XL 5.6/72, and this happened me once. As far as I remember, the vignetting was about 0.3" in the lower corners, left and right of a Polaroid Polapan Pro 100.
You probably know that, in order to avoid it, the only solution is to drop the bed to 15 or 30 depending of the lens you use.
Hope this helps.

Bob Salomon
23-May-2004, 05:49
" the only solution is to drop the bed to 15 or 30

No that is not the only answer.

Clipping of the bed occurs with lenses 80mm and shorter when the film back is in the vertical position.

Simply rotate the back to horizontal and then hold the camera vertically - like you would when shooting with a 35 or 6x7 camera.

Then there is no bed clipping.

Linhof used to make a bracket to do this on a tripod but no longer. So you really need a strong tripod head to hold the camera in position without slipping or vibrating.

Jean-Louis Llech
23-May-2004, 07:19
You are completely right, Bob, I had not thought to this solution.

Paul Schilliger
24-May-2004, 00:03
Maybe you could try an extended lensboard and sit the front standard onto the wide-angle bed like for a 65 or 47mm. Then drop the focussing track. Just my 2 cents as I do not have a 2000 nor a 80 XL... Ebony makes such lensboards.

David A. Goldfarb
24-May-2004, 06:35
In any case, it's not as if dropping the bed and tilting back and raising the front standard is that difficult or time consuming on the Technika. You just need to remember to do it, because it's easy not to notice the bed on the groundglass with a wide lens due to darkening at the edge of the frame (and I have negatives to prove it!). Also, don't forget to adjust the front rise *after* focusing with the bed tilted, because focusing with a tilted bed will move the image up and down.

24-May-2004, 13:12
A quick and dirty possibility is to simply use a little front rise, a couple of strokes on the rise lever.