View Full Version : Rodenstock Rodagon 360mm f6.8 Good for Landscape?

22-May-2004, 20:24
Hi All,

I was offered a Rodenstock Rodagon 360mm f6.8 lens.

I know it's a enlarging lens and it looks beautiful. But it's designed for enlarging and not pictorial photography. While doing research on the web it seems like the lens was optimized for 2-8X enlargements.

I'll be shooting landscapes.

My question is how is the quality at infinity?

Should I pass on it?


John V.

Ralph Barker
23-May-2004, 07:37
That may depend, in part, on the specifics of the "offer", Johnny. If it's free, and selling it wouldn't offend the person, then the decision to accept is easy. (You might use the proceeds to fund a diferent lens.) If, however, there is payment involved, the question is how much. Either way, there are better choices available for a landscape camera lens.

Bob Salomon
23-May-2004, 08:31
And you will probably need to add a 3 shutter.

23-May-2004, 11:58
Thanks guys! It was offered to me for about $150.00 But I think I answered my own question. The lens is design for enlarging and not landscape. I figured I could make it work with a shutter but I'll think I'll pass on it.

Any other feedback?

23-May-2004, 16:25
$150 isn't a great deal on todays used market. Used enlarger lenses really don't sell for massive amounts of cash today. What format is the 360mm for anyway? It's got to be fairly large. Which means the market for the thing isn't very large today.

Bob Salomon
23-May-2004, 18:04
"What format is the 360mm for anyway"


23-May-2004, 18:17
I thought I read specs that the lens will cover 11x14?

Anyway I'm back to nomal - when I saw that glass I got weak at the knees. But love is blind!