View Full Version : Replacement bellows for Kodak all metal 8x10 camera?

18-Mar-2013, 09:44
So, I randomly purchased a metal Kodak 8x10. It's not the Master, it just says All Metal. Anyhow, I'm wondering if I there is a source of replacement bellows, or if I can fit one from a different camera onto this.

18-Mar-2013, 21:47
If I'm not mistaken or mis-informed, the Kodak all metal is based on the Kodak 2D. They may use the same bellows. Can you take some measurements of what you have?

I have seen two of these cameras, and if I didn't already have my 2D, I would have jumped on one of them.

21-Mar-2013, 12:58
Try Turner Bellows in Rochester, NY. They put new bellows on my 5x7 Speed Graphic and did a good job. www.turnerbellows.com