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17-Mar-2013, 13:17
Not sure i this is the right place, so I apologize if it's misplaced.

I have book style holders made by W. Allen. The slides are hinged in the middle, and are held together by what looks like a cloth (canvas?) tape. There is a light leak on one of them, I am wondering if black spray paint would be sufficient to seal the leak or if there is something that would work better.

17-Mar-2013, 16:09
Liquid electric tape from just about any hardware store should be much better than spray paint as long as there are no clearance issues.

17-Mar-2013, 16:31
Never heard of that. Sounds like it would work better being thicker. There is a good amount of clearance. I do want to ask though, what is the purpose of the hinge point? I don't see any practical use for it.

Steven Tribe
18-Mar-2013, 09:31
The hinge (there are many different designs) is so that the dark slide doesn't stick out from the camera and act as a sail in windy condition, but can be bent forwards. Tambour darkslides, which use the same flexible joint system throughout, don't stick out - but slide around the back - a genial system.

19-Mar-2013, 14:21
Lenser, got some liquid electrical tape from Lowe's today, and it worked amazingly. This is exactly what I was looking for and can't believe I've never heard of this stuff before.

19-Mar-2013, 15:04
I first heard about it on this site as well. Amazing amount of information that comes across here. I'm glad it was that easy a fix.