View Full Version : Fujinon 90mm Sample (largish scan)

16-Mar-2013, 07:21
New to LF photography and have just finished assembling a kit containing a well loved Sinar P, a 210 APO-Symmar that came with it on ebay, and this lens, a 90mm Fujinon f/8 SW. I took everything out yesterday to test it out, and am surprised at the performance of the Fuji.
This was done at f/32 and scanned with an Epson V700 at 1800. I focused somewhere along the middle of the falls, and you can still make out faces of people at the far end on the 100% crop (circle on the left).

Also, any thoughts or critiques welcome. Next time, I'd likely wait about an hour later into the evening to avoid the burning out on the falls (sun was shining directly it), and choose a larger aperture to see if diffraction is an issue.


Here is my assistant, sitting down on the job. Hard to find good help these days.


E. von Hoegh
16-Mar-2013, 07:31
Why are you surprised? Take a piece of cardboard and cut a 24mm x 36mm rectangle in it, place it over the area you cropped. See?
At f:32, that Fuji lens is almost certainly diffraction limited. Try it at f:16 and f:22.

Welcome to the asylum! :)