View Full Version : Question for the fellow Horseman monorail owners.

15-Mar-2013, 17:24
I'm looking for a wide angle lens to fit my 4x5 L45. I have a 90, but I need something wider for an upcoming shoot. I have my eye on a 65mm and will buy it if I knew for sure I could get by using a recessed board and bag bellows. Even something a little wider would be great if I could pull it off.

Dan Fromm
15-Mar-2013, 18:25
http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/horseman_2.html See p. 13. 65 on a flat board. If, that is, that's your camera.

Andy Eads
15-Mar-2013, 21:11
You don't need a recessed lens board. I've got a 65mm f/4 Nikkor WA and the back on my 450 can be brought close enough to kiss the rear lens cell. You do need a bag bellows however. I made my first one (not recommended). There should be some available on the auction site. If it fits a Sinar, it will fit the Horseman. (Inka uses the same frame size too.) Good luck!

Dan Fromm
15-Mar-2013, 22:39
Hey, Andy, please tell us more about why you don't recommend making a bag bellows. I ask because I'm setting out to make one and would like to learn from your experience.

Robert Jonathan
16-Mar-2013, 02:28
The wide-angle bellows 2 is the best. Buy it now! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sinar-5x4-Wide-Angle-Bag-Bellows-Type-2-455-46-/251232319076?pt=UK_Film_Cameras&hash=item3a7e9cf664

I have the regular Horseman wide-angle bellows. Haven't used it yet...

16-Mar-2013, 08:01
I have a Sinar bag bellows for my L45. For some reason the Horseman bellows are always more expensive than the Sinar when they are the exact same thing. I picked mine up on the big bay for $20 buy it now. If I knew how to sew I'd love to make a universal bellows.