View Full Version : Changing the "thread" on T-P type front mounted shutters.

Steven Tribe
14-Mar-2013, 09:27
This is a tiny contribution - others have far more experience.

A continental version of the T-P shutter. Problem - Broken "cocking" thread.

The obvious high-tech modern solution was to steal a section of an IKEA sunblind.

The working end has just to be threaded through a hole in the end of the top roller.
Impossible, the diameter is just oversize enough to be refused entry and the thread is not rigid enough to pushed at an angle.

Back to the original material which is cotton. I asked one of my daughters who is a dressmaker/jewellery making expert. She recognised the original thread as a "waxed" thread which had lost it's wax covereing. Yes, she some lengths I could try with!

This is a great material. The wax coating gives reduced friction to the mechanism and it stays stiff when pushing through the tiny hole in the wooden roller.
In the illustration, the hole is concealed between the end of the shutter material and the wooden box framework (top left). The thread passes through a cutout portion of the box and exits through a hole at the top right.

I suppose the IKEA thread could also be installed - but this would require a complete strip of the brass parts!

E. von Hoegh
14-Mar-2013, 09:56
I think the original thread may have been linen rather than cotton. https://www.btoucan.com/linen-waxed/

14-Mar-2013, 11:19
A tip is to use a touch of Super Glue on the end of the cord, then you cut through it at an angle so you have a pointed end. I prefer to use the thin blind cord as it's much stronger, it's probably the same as Ikea use.


Steven Tribe
14-Mar-2013, 12:43
Super link!

Yes this is exactly the same kind of reel I got from Sara - I just assumed it was high quality cotton. But flax/linen it must be.

Steven Tribe
15-Mar-2013, 03:58
Results of destructive testing to-day.

Tension needed to break cords:

-Aged T-P original cord 4 kilos - this was a section without obvious flaws.

-New waxed linen cord 6 kilos

-New sythetic roller blind cord (ex IKEA) more than 10 kilos

Pressure need to cock T-P shutter maximum 2 kilos (average under 1 kilo).

The spring pressure on the bottom roller is adjustable on mine and the test was performed under high tension!