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14-Mar-2013, 01:50
I just purchased a PA-45 instant film holder, and cannot figure out how to load the FP-100C film pack. For some reason, the 'Protective Sheet' does not protrude far enough outside the holder, once it is closed. Does someone know if you must, FIRST, pull this tab out another inch--EVEN BEFORE CLOSING THE BACK? In the instructions, they show this protruding. They even tell you to slide the pack in, all the way to the right.

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14-Mar-2013, 02:11
The protective sheet tab should protrude by about half an inch, and the tips of the white tabs should be visible underneath it. Most people try to be too complex - the pack is simply placed in the holder with all tabs flat and pointing up, and the holder is closed. Nothing has to be folded down, inserted between/behind the rolls or the like! See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd4yREiHogg for a good video on loading it.

14-Mar-2013, 07:48
The PA-45 holder uses discontinued FP-100C45 film which is 4x5 format. The smaller FP-100C film goes into the PA-145 (or Polaroid 405) back.