View Full Version : Linhof reflex viewer, is that used in "vertical frame" portrait mode?

Vick Ko
13-Mar-2013, 17:34
To Linhof Technika IV, V and Master users that use the 90 degree reflex viewer, is that only used in "vertical / portrait" mode?

From pictures I've seen, of the older beige one, the unit is mounted so that the eyepiece is viewed with the back in "vertical / portrait" mode.


Teodor Oprean
13-Mar-2013, 22:04
If it's the later model, it's a two-part accessory. You unlock a lever to disconnect the part with the eyepiece and orient it in either landscape or portrait mode as you want. The earlier model is all one piece, so it can only be used in portrait mode.

Vick Ko
14-Mar-2013, 13:29
Thank you Teodor. I did some more exploration, and found information that aligns with what you say.

Have you used it? Is it a useful accessory?

Teodor Oprean
14-Mar-2013, 22:04
I have one of the two-part type, but I have not used it yet. I think it's subjective whether it's a useful accessory. I have seen in a youtube video that David Burnett uses a Cambo reflex viewer on a Speed Graphic for his Aero Ektar images. He finds the reflex viewer useful for his work.

15-Mar-2013, 02:08
I also have the two-piece unit. It is useful. Another benefit of the two-part unit is that it can be stored with one part nestled into the other for compact field packing.

Len Middleton
15-Mar-2013, 03:34

I too have and use the two piece version. It is great for composing, but for fine focus I swing it aside and put the loupe onto the ground glass.

Like Jac, I pack the one piece inside the other to keep it compact. But I also put the smaller part with the mirror in a zip lock bag to keep as much dust off it as I reasonably can.

Makes a nice accessory to the Technika system.

Hope that helps,


Vick Ko
15-Mar-2013, 07:20
Thanks. I'm keeping my eyes open for an inexpensive one. Might be a fun alternative to using a hood.