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20-May-2004, 12:59
I get sometimes uneven developments of 8x10 colornegatives from different labs. The problem seems to be that the film size is is simply too big for hydrogen bubbles in dipn'dunk processors to make the development even over the whole film space. Specially views with uniform areas like sky etc. are in danger.

Now, I don't want to risk anymore. I'm considering developing the 8x10 in C-41 myself.

Is there anyone doing this self? I'm just wondering, if it's possible at all to get even result with, say, a Jobo rotary drum? The BW I done years ago was not easy to manage, and the C-41 is much more difficult. I know E-6 will go OK, but C-41?

thanks, Jan, Finland.

Bruce Watson
20-May-2004, 14:29
Use an Expert 3005 drum and you should be fine, IMHO. For color processing, I'd think you'd want a CPP-2 to drive the drum since it does such a good job with temperature control.

I use a similar setup (3010 drum for 4x5) with B&W all the time. I've put thousands of negatives through without a single sheet showing any signs of uneven developement.

Henry Ambrose
20-May-2004, 15:36
I've done C-41 4X5 film in a Jobo using the 2500 drum. I had no problem at all and the film looked great. C-41 is easier than you might think. The only part that is critical is the developer temperature which must be maintained for only 3 minutes, 15 seconds for Tetenal, I think. (read your chemical's specifications for exact times and temperature) A Jobo makes this easy. If you can pour the chemicals in and out on time it is very simple. For bleach, fix and stabilizer you can let your temperatures drift a bit with no ill effects.

Pete Caluori
20-May-2004, 19:24

C-41 and E-6 both work wonderfully in the Jobo 3005 tank and the CPA, or CPP processor. I've been using the CPP and 3005 for several years and have had zero failures due to processing. I use both C-41 and E-6. Personally, I find C-41 much easier than E-6, but I guess to each their own.

Good luck and let me know if you have specific questions.

Regards, Pete

21-May-2004, 02:11
Thank's to all responding. But maybe I didn't clarify myself enough. I know there's no problem with 4x5 and Jobo drums. I once had the Expert drum and made 5x7 BW with it. That was not easy anymore, so I switched to develope in trays which was much more convenient and also faster than using the drum.

The question is: Does it work still with 8x10 and C-41?

Remember, you have only 3,15' of time and high temperature. Pete, are you doing 8x10 or smaller?


21-May-2004, 02:19
I'll second the question, sorry!

Do you get even result developing 8x10 in C-41 using Jobo or any other rotary drum?


21-May-2004, 06:09
For comparison RA-4 is even shorter and it's no problem getting 8x10 or bigger prints done in a drum.

Andre Noble
22-May-2004, 03:50
Yeah Nick, but getting "eveness" across an 8x10 print is no comparison to the task of getting eveness of development on an 8x10 piece of film with a development time of 3 mins. Sorry Jan, I don't have an answer either. You might want to start a new thread entitled something like:

"Jobo Expert 3005 Drum for 8x10 C-41, Need Experienced Users' Advice"

(I think I read somewhere here or at photonet that it's possible to get evenly developed 8x10, but care must be taken with technique.)

Andre Noble
22-May-2004, 04:09
..with the Jobo Expert Drum that is.