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Calamity Jane
20-May-2004, 11:48
Howdy group!

I just got my Synchro-Compur shutter (#1 I think) back from the repair shop - it was on a Scheinder 150/265 convertable I picked up from E-bay - it needed cleaning & lube. I was hoping the Large Format books I bought would answer my questions (soz I wouldn't look like a rank novice!), but they didn't, so while the shutter is here in front of me I'll admit what I don't know about the Compur....

Next to the flash socket, there is a lever marked "X" on one position and "M" on the other. I'm guessing it something to do with flash sync??? What do the X and the M stand for?

Second question: Between the shutter cocking lever and the little tab to open the aperture there is a small button. What's this button do?

Thanks folks!

A LF novice.....

Tim Curry
20-May-2004, 11:55
The X - M sync is a time delay for both bulbs and strobe. Use the X for strobe, M for flash bulbs.

Not familiar with this shutter, so I don't know about the little button.

Bob Fowler
20-May-2004, 12:32
As Tim said, the X and M switch is the flash sync selector. IIRC, M has a 20ms pre-fire for flash bulbs on that shutter, but I could be wrong and I don't have my service manual handy.

The little button is for the self timer. Cock the shutter, hold the button back, and move the cocking lever the rest of the way and you've set the delayed action escapement (self timer). Beware - some of these shutters can have delayed action escapements that haven't been used and may be a bit gummy (they'll stick). If it does stick, GENTLY help the cocking lever along after you hit the shutter release to get the escapement gears going. It'll probably need a cleaning...

Hope this helps.

Calamity Jane
20-May-2004, 13:34
Thank you gentlemen!

Now I know . . . :-)