View Full Version : 120mm Super Angulon and #0 shutter

13-Mar-2013, 07:29
Right. So here is a bit of puzzler for me.

I have cells from Sinar's DB mount. Being modern ones i thought - i can pretty much just remount them into C#0 and be done.
So i got cells out from mounted 150mm Xenotar, and tucking 120's cells in. Direct thread fit, no problem. Buttttt....

Once screwed in tight , somehow cells from 120 press something in that shutter (black modern #0) which block apperture ring to be worked freely.

Anyone else got this and am i missing some weird spacer somewhere?

Dan Fromm
13-Mar-2013, 10:05
Are you using a cock-and-shoot or a press (self-cocking) shutter? The #0 and #1 standard for press shutters has the diaphragm closer to the end of the rear tube than does the standard for cock-and-shoot shutters.

I've had similar problems trying to mount lenses whose rear cells go deep into the shutter on press shutters. The rear cells in question went into cock-and-shoot shutters correctly.

A spacer won't help you, will guarantee incorrect cell spacing.

13-Mar-2013, 10:51
Dan, its usual modern - cock-and-shoot shutter. And oddly its front element, not rear element, that causing issue. I am almost tempted to just hack whole thing using sinar's bit, and then put it in wee box that would have packard in back.. But before doing that i figured i may as well seek collective wisdom/experience ;)

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
13-Mar-2013, 11:45
Are you sure that the Xenar's shutter is normal? (Not a 150mm Xenotar, right, because these were not housed in normal shutters) Do you have another Copal or Compur 0 you can try? I have found a few oddball modern shutters which don't seem to fit anything correctly.

13-Mar-2013, 13:01
Sorry, yes, Xenar it is, of course.. 150 Xenotars are.. quite large, as i got it too ;)
Jason, thats the thing.. i keep spare copal #0 shutters in Russia, so i dont have to haul most of glass around.. and all the rest in my collection are larger than #0 here.. But i should have prontor somewhere, that is half working, good call.

14-Mar-2013, 07:07
Sometimes modern copals have a black plastic trim ring that pops out easily. That could be causing some binding. I had that happen when remounting a Sinar DB lens into a copal shutter. Had to pop the plastic trim ring out to get it to fit right. Another thing is double check you have the right cells in the right locations. Once when test fitting a set of cells to a shutter, I had them reversed (rear cell into front of shutter), which caused binding like you mentioned, as the rear cell was too deep for the front mount position. Just a random thought.

good luck!


14-Mar-2013, 08:02
Ed - ha.. i have not thought about reversal.. It just seemed logical to have them with label in front, but its a good idea! I will try tonight.. :)

Kevin J. Kolosky
16-Mar-2013, 10:42
I am not sure exactly what you are asking, but I have a Schneider Super Angulon 120 lens here mounted in a Copal 0 Shutter and it works just fine.
Does the rear cell of your lens have a silver or chrome ring around it? Do you have a photo of the rear cell of your lens?