View Full Version : 4x5 unexposed film through airport scanners

C Jones
11-Mar-2013, 18:55
Last question. I've been traveling quite a bit with boxes of film that were refused a hand check. Anyone had problems with the airport scanners?

Thanks again!


C. D. Keth
11-Mar-2013, 19:03
Never had a problem with the carry-on scanners. Never checked unprocessed film before.

C Jones
11-Mar-2013, 19:06
Thanks again!

12-Mar-2013, 10:28
I don't think you should have a problem unless it is a very fast film. If you're worried, get something like this:


I use one for my film when I travel just in case. Take it out of your bag when going through the airport scanner and they likely wont even have to hand inspect it. If its stuffed in your bag then they may get suspicious because it will show up as a big black object.

If the film is below ASA 800 (I think, although that may be 1600) then they can ask to re-scan without the film guard. If you throw in one roll of 35mm delta 3200 then they cannot legally scan and have to do a hand inspection. One roll of 35mm doesn't take up much space and is worth it to me. Of course, any 4x5 film likely isn't fast enough to cause any issues.

12-Mar-2013, 10:34
Best avoid lead lined bags you're more likely to have an issue and then they'll remove the boxes for scanning or try a visual inspection.


12-Mar-2013, 10:49
i always travel with my film and never had a problem with the scanners. Dont let your film out of your sight as the officers tend to try to open them. I've had more than a box get screwed thanks to that.

12-Mar-2013, 14:48

Keith Pitman
12-Mar-2013, 16:52
Several 4x5 boxes fit nicely into the pockets of cargo pants. Works well for 120 too. Just don't try it for 35mm cassettes.