View Full Version : What is so hot about the Schneider Super Symmar XL 110mm/5.6?

Nghi Hoang
19-May-2004, 17:51
Everyone seems to rave about the 110 SS XL. I have only one lens now, but will get another (probably a wide angle) for my Shenhao 4x5 in the future. What characteristics make the 110 SS XL f/5.6 better than its competitors in similar focal range? Are the differences justify the significant difference in price of this lens vs....say, the Nikkor 90 SW f/8.0? I suppose I haven't seen real-life results comparisons to really believe all the things I have read about the 110 SS XL.

QT Luong
19-May-2004, 18:27
If you compare the specifications of the 110 XL with those of the 120 Super Angulon, which is 1 f-stop slower, much bigger, and heavier, you will understand the appeal of the 110. In addition to that, the 110 is sharper and has less illumination fall-off in the corners. Compared with the Nikon 90/8 the 110 has a significantly larger image circle and is 1 stop faster.

Michael S. Briggs
19-May-2004, 18:28
It it probably more relevant to compare the 110 SS-XL to the 120 mm f8 Nikkor-SW rather than to the 90 mm version. Focal lengths near 110 or 120 feel like moderate wide-angles with 4x5, while 90 mm is significantly wider.

Both the 110 SS-XL and the 120 Nikkor-SW have tremendous coverage for 4x5 and will deliver excellent sharpness, etc. The differences are that the 110 SS-XL is smaller, lighter and faster. It is unlikely that viewers of your prints will be able to tell which you used, so if you want a moderate wide-angle for 4x5, the tradeoff is between cost and convenience.

The 120 mm Nikkor-SW and similar lenses (Super-Angulons, Grandagons, etc.) have one optical advantage over the 110 SS-XL: more even illumination. This will rarely matter for 4x5, but might be important for someone wanting a lens for 5x7.

Leonard Metcalf
20-May-2004, 22:19
I bought a 58 supper angulon, 80 xl & 110 mm - why - they have great image circles and all use the same centre filter. (so filters was part of my decision making process)

They are all light (well relatively)... the 110 has a huge image circle... and I love getting away form the normal 90 / 150 mm combinations I used to use.

Love them all - but use the 110 the most... out of these three...