View Full Version : Korona 8x10 Front Standard Tilt Repair Advice

10-Mar-2013, 17:27
I just received an 8x10 Korona in the mail. It's in great user condition except a few pieces that keep the lens board holder on axis. I asked a famous camera repairman about how to fix the camera. He said it looks like it was modified. That was it. So I'm still trying to figure away to revive the tilt function. When I shoot with my Kodak 2D, one of the only movements I wish I had is the front tilt to complement the back tilt.

Any of you skilled DIYers have any simple advice and recommendations to get this tilt functioning again?

Here's what the camera looks like:

The front:

The knob that tightens the tilt from above (works fine):

10-Mar-2013, 17:29
The lens board holder (you can see the area where a part would go is missing and doesn't attach to the front standard):

The place where the apparent piece would go on the opposite side is filled with a nail:

10-Mar-2013, 17:32
All other movements: front rise & fall, front shift and swings, as well as standard back movements of this wooden camera work very well. The front tilt is the only handicap.

Suggestions appreciated.

10-Mar-2013, 21:39
I have this exact model. I will look tomorrow if I can see how the front tilt is done on the front standard.

10-Mar-2013, 21:40
Thanks, Ginette!

12-Mar-2013, 20:58
I don't think the front was modified. Is the pin (nail?) in your pictures no. 5 can be removed?
You will have to found a pin that will match the size of the hole in your photo no.4 and maybe with a spring behind it that will position the pin in the next hole when you will remove the actual pin or nail. It need to be something like that because you don't have any space to work between the wood pieces. I only see that a washer was between the 2 wood parts and that no hole are visible from the outside or from the inside of the board lens.

Unless I break it, I cannot see the exact mechanism. Only a rod and a washer in the middle. The rod look like 3/16 or1/4 inch in diameter.

Good luck and ask again if you need more details.

12-Mar-2013, 21:15
That's it Ginette!! Thanks for your help and pictures! Now to find pieces! There are nails in #5, so I'd have to find a way to get them out without damaging the wood.

16-Mar-2013, 01:51
I thought it was nails, but apparently they are just pins. Over time the pins pushed outward. I was able to push them back in place. There was no washer either. It's a very simple design and will most likely come out of place from time to time.

The extension rail came unglued and is the reason why the rail was drooping. I took it to a woodworker who professionally glued it back together. I'll probably still clamps for extra insurance even though it probably won't be needed with my lenses.

All and all I'm happy to get her up to spec for a peoject I want to get started in the next week or two to come

16-Mar-2013, 02:11
Here's a crude drawing by me.

Note: The pins on both sides do not fit inside the holes in the fourth picture. They just kind of hold the lens board holder in place and allow it to swivel forward and backward a bit. The wood has a hole all the way through the wood so it's fairly easy to put it back in place. If anyone has a Korona like this, I'll be happy to explain in greater detail.