View Full Version : Sinar P: What kind of back is this?

10-Mar-2013, 17:22

Just picked up an old P on auction and noticed afterwards in the photo that the back looks different than the Sinar P I'm currently borrowing from my friend. The one I have in hand right now is called a "spring back", I believe. It has two spring loaded levers on it. What is this kind?


Louis Pacilla
10-Mar-2013, 19:17
I'm pretty sure that is a spring back just a earlier version where the graflok tabs are exposed. The later version has the graflok tabs hidden under the ground glass frame.

Peter De Smidt
10-Mar-2013, 19:18
That's a normal Graflok style 4x5 back.

11-Mar-2013, 03:17
Ok, great. I was wondering if I needed pick up any additional bits to make it work.
thanks again.