View Full Version : Reverse Processing B&W 8x10 Negative to get a Positive image

9-Mar-2013, 21:05
I am new to Large Format, and am considering an 8x10 camera. However I want to be able to have big positive negatives since I want to be able to display them simply with a Lightbox behind them, could someone explain to me the process of reverse processing (I think thats the right term right?) 8x10 film, also on processing 8x10 film, can it be done in a tank? Is it different then processing 35mm or 645? Thanks,

Light Guru
9-Mar-2013, 21:48
There is one place I have heard of that will process B&W film into chrome positives.
As far as info on developing B&W Chromes yourself that I don't know.

Erik Larsen
9-Mar-2013, 23:31
Here's a primer from ilford. http://www.ilfordphoto.com/Webfiles/20114271220441194.pdf

Different bleach and developer formulas can be substituted for the ilford ones. Do a google search and you'll find loads of info and variations.