View Full Version : mentor 3.5 x 4.5 glass plate camera

9-Mar-2013, 19:08
So I recently bought a mentor 3.4 x 4.5 camera which i think takes glass negs, but im unsureee (serial number 26556) with a compur shutter with a lukos anastigmat f3.9 13.5cm (no.108774)

it's not like any of the photos of cameras that i have googled AT ALL. Its a bellows camera and works like a charm, the back also twists from landscape to portrait with pushing a little button along and twisting the camera back anti clockwise

will upload a picture shortly if that helps anyone

Steven Tribe
10-Mar-2013, 11:12
Sounds like a 9x12cm version.

Most Mentors were SLR/Focal shutter cameras but in the "bad times" of the 20's and 30's they made other cameras.