View Full Version : New information posted on Ross lenses - 1864-1874 period

9-Mar-2013, 13:29

For your reading pleasure, please see http://antiquecameras.net/rosslenses.html


Steven Tribe
9-Mar-2013, 16:04
Great addition (again)!

Most detailed description of real commercial lens production I have seen.
Catalogue details add nicely to previous descriptions (lens VM especialy).

The catalogue details of the Landscape lens are unique, I think, This is lens type that has either not survived the years well or was only produced early on (60's).

Fascinating there were 5, 6, 7 and 8 inch versions (lens diameter) available and that I can know gve my Ross lens a number - no. 1! The version with pressure mounts rather than wheel adjustment (model 1a).

9-Mar-2013, 18:57
Thanks Dan! A very interesting discussion on soft focus in the first page, as comprehensively addressed as some threads here, but in 1871!

9-Mar-2013, 22:08
Fascinating. And I don't plan on ever selling my Ross #3 C-de-V lens from this period. I have a 20x32" print on the wall taken with this lens wide-open, that is nearly as sharp in the center as those taken with my Schneiders.

Steven Tribe
10-Mar-2013, 03:37
Even more useful than I thought!

Ross 11543 turns out to be a Portrait no. 2, rather than the Carte de Visite no. 2!

10-Mar-2013, 14:35
Thanks again. I really appreciate the time you put in.

Jim Fitzgerald
10-Mar-2013, 19:17
Dan, this is great! Thanks again.