View Full Version : Mystery 5X7 Winfred 'Doc' Helm vanity model?

Tin Can
8-Mar-2013, 15:18

I got this 5x7 camera on Chicago Craigslist. Obviously the bellows are shot, but this is a very nice camera. The only markings are old decals in several places. They say Winfred 'Doc' Helm who was a famous Black Illinois photographer. I assume this is a some sort of badge vanity camera and not his, but who knows. I don't. http://www.museum.state.il.us/exhibits/changing/helm/helmintro.html

It has geared front rise, geared rear tilt and geared rear swing which seems unusual. It also has a sliding tripod block in addition to the usual tripod mount. 2 tiny working levels. Mahogany?

I have 2 lens boards, but no extension board, which makes me less likely to replace the bellows...

I have looked at Conley and Senaca, cameras, but this model seems a little different.

Can anyone identify this camera and perhaps supply additional information?