View Full Version : Is the Graflarger strong enough to be a slide projector?

Vick Ko
6-Mar-2013, 14:40
Silly ponderings.....
Is the Graflarger a strong enough light to be a slide projector?


6-Mar-2013, 15:08
It's kinda sickly colored. It's bright but not slide projector bright.

Tim Meisburger
6-Mar-2013, 17:25
No, not really. When you open the darkroom door the image more or less disappears, so unless you view in total darkness and sit quite close I don't think it would work very well. You could view slides in the darkroom on your easel, or, I think you could make a projector pretty easily with a 500 watt halogen, some frosted glass, and an appropriate lens.

I have also heard of people making masks and using an overhead projector.

6-Mar-2013, 17:40
Halogen lamps run very hot.

I'd worry that the heat would damage the camera.

- Leigh

David A. Goldfarb
6-Mar-2013, 18:10
No, and the light is too green.