View Full Version : Filters for 72mm XL with Center Filter

Ed Richards
6-Mar-2013, 11:41
The center filter for a 72mm XL has a 112 thread on the front. Has anyone tried the Cokin X-Pro system with this lens? Other suggestions for filters on this system?

Lachlan 717
6-Mar-2013, 12:27
I use X-Pro on mine. Just make sure tht you get the right thread pitch on the adaptor ring. It took me a while to find it.

You can also use one of their 4-pronged Universal adaptors, but I find these a PITA to use.

I have grey Grads, 81A and D, deep red and coloured Grads for mine. Mainly used for 6x17.

Ed Richards
6-Mar-2013, 15:00

Thanks! Schneider's info page says it is a 1.5 pitch:


Does that match up with your memory? Cokin offers both the 1.0 and 1.5 in 112mm adapters. Do you get any vignetting? Or would you notice, since you are not using movements?

Do you by any chance also have the 90mm XL? I am curious how this center filter would work on it. The recommended 4A is 1.5 stops, which is less dense, but I am wondering if a little too much correction would be better than no correction. (I hate the thought of buying a second one of these.)

Lachlan 717
6-Mar-2013, 15:11
Definitely 1.5 pitch (just checked the package).

I don't get vignetting unless I chuck a fair bit of rise on (my 6x17 is a "field", not P&S, camera). Remember that the coverage for 6x17 is somewhere towards 5x7" requirements, so you should be good for considerable movements if this is being used on 4x5".

I used to have a (regular) 90mm SA; however, I had the propriety CF for that, so cannot help you with the XL.

Eric Woodbury
6-Mar-2013, 16:57
I'm not using a center filter with mine, but for filters, I'm using 4" gels (poly) in a cardboard frame. I just hold them up there with my hand. Pretty barbaric, but it works.

Lachlan 717
6-Mar-2013, 18:03
Pretty barbaric, but it works.

I'm not convinced this would be a good option for longer exposures...

Ed Richards
7-Mar-2013, 11:34
I have gotten some good pictures of my fingers trying to hold filters in front of ultrawide lenses.

8-Mar-2013, 08:24
Wish to find an alternatives rather than Schneider center-filter option, it is very expensive.

Ed Richards
8-Mar-2013, 09:03
There really are no cheaper alternatives for the 95mm center filters. If you shoot negative film, you can push up the exposure and then even things out in Photoshop or with with masks in the darkroom. If you shoot transparency film, you are SOL.

Carsten Wolff
9-Mar-2013, 19:17
Get a 75mm push-on adapter made for the rear element, if you're desperate.

Ed Richards
10-Mar-2013, 17:02
That is an interesting thought. I seem to remember that if you use gelatin, you don't get focus shift. Or just focus with the filter on.

10-Mar-2013, 18:02
I have Schneider's digital centerfilter plug-in for PhotoShop.
It was a free download from Schneider's website, just enter the lens' serial number to register.
It works quite well, is much cheaper than a real CF, and after using it a few times, I realize how little I actually need it.

Ed Richards
10-Mar-2013, 20:17
Thanks Ari! The need for a physical center filter depends on the subject. I found that if I have shadows toward the edges, I lose detail that cannot be recovered with software. If the scene is fairly flat, software does the job. But even then, it gets complicated if you have shifted the lens. That is with negative film.