View Full Version : Lee filters and rodenstock sironar -n 210

6-Mar-2013, 02:52
HI to all. I have a cambo with the rodenstock sironar n 210 mm. And ive found from anoher camera a lee filter with a ring adaptor of 72 mm. This size is not the size of my fileter lens. Could i buy another ring adapter wich fits on my lens? Where? im in Spain. And What is the correct size of ring for that lens?
In other hand ive read 5 or 6 post down that the lens board of the Cmabos are the same of the Calumet, is it right ?

Greetings to all from Spain

PS: I post some pictures of what i had.9073790738907399074090737907389073990740

Len Middleton
6-Mar-2013, 03:07

There are different versions of Calumet boards, depending upon where the cameras were being sourced, so be careful.

The boards for the 8x10 C1 (6x6") do not match those of the later offered Cambo or Cambo-made Calumet-branded monorails, and unfortunately I know that well.

Hope that helps,