View Full Version : Marion and Euryscop VI 1a

5-Mar-2013, 21:52
I picked up this Marion and Co full plate camera over the past few days, she comes with a Euryscop VI 1a lens, which I reckon is about 11" focal length
I've checked out http://www.allenrumme.com/lensdb/Portrait.html and I am confused as to what lens I actually have. Is it a VI series or a 1a portrait? Serial number is 38612



Louis Pacilla
5-Mar-2013, 22:06
That's a Voightlander Euryscope Series VI.

Here's a little information for you.

6-Mar-2013, 01:47
thanks that's helpful
any idea how much they would go for on the market I'm not thinking of selling btw

Steven Tribe
6-Mar-2013, 01:54
Focal length is 10.75"!

Made for 8x10 size. This was made quite soon after the series VI was introduced.

I suppose it should be valued at the same level of a Dallmeyer F.8 RR covering the same (more hits on e**y!).
Oh - nice tailboard too!