View Full Version : Xtol Failire - Still a Problem?

d burdeny
16-May-2004, 09:40
Xtol sounds good on paper and I was thinking of giving it a try 1:1 with Tmax 100 4x5 in an expert drum 3010 on a Jobo CPP-2. However Id hate to get hooked on it only to find out that it still has the sudden failure problem that I have read so much about. Has anyone out there been using it successfully, without any problems since Kodak fixed the bad batch and packaging problems? Thank you.

Bruce Watson
16-May-2004, 09:50
Has anyone out there been using it successfully, without any problems since Kodak fixed the bad batch and packaging problems?

Absolutely. XTOL 1:3, Tri-X, 3010 drum on CPP-2. I mix it with distilled water, and store the stock solution in old wine bottles with VacuVin stoppers. Never had a failure.

Brian C. Miller
16-May-2004, 12:51
Since Kodak has discontinued Xtol in the small bags, I've bought a small bucket for mixing. I use it 1:1 or more dilute, depends on what I'm up to. I like to use it 1:3 for pushing 400 to 1600.

Andrew O'Neill
16-May-2004, 13:30
I've never personally experienced this xtol failure thing. Probably because I only used the 5 litre packages. When I used Tmax 100 in the past I used xtol straight, 1+1 and 1+3 in BTZS tubes. Tmax 100 and xtol were made for each other. Then I discovered HP5+ about 6 years ago and......well, that's another story.

tim atherton
16-May-2004, 13:32
So Andrew - what's your favourite brew for HP5?

Henry Ambrose
16-May-2004, 13:54
Never had a problem with Xtol at all. It is an excellent developer.

Kevin Crisp
16-May-2004, 16:33
I had some reservations about trying it due to all the reports of failure. I've never had a problem with it at 1:1 or 1:2. In tightly closed glass bottles I've let the stock sit as long as a year and it works fine. I've been very pleased with it.

Eric Brody
16-May-2004, 20:23
I've used it for a few years now, in the 5 liter packs in a large spigoted container with a floating lid. I did have problems with the 1 liter packages (now long discontinued). I use it 1:2 with the T-Max films and my biggest problem has been finding grain on which to focus in medium and large format film.

Andrew O'Neill
16-May-2004, 22:36
Hi Tim,

Now my favourite brew for HP5+ is Pyrocat-HD especially stand development. I've used just about every developer, store bought and made from scratch, that I could get my hands on. Settled on Xtol then gave it up for about a year when pyro developers came storming back. Tried rollo-pyro ('cause I use BTZS tubes) but gave that up after a year as I didn't like how the negatives printed on VC paper. Went back to Xtol thinking why'd I ever stopped using it. Then last November I read the pyrocat-HD article by Sandy King at unblinkingeye and thought I'd give it a whirl. I was very happy to see that the negatives printed beautifully and can still intensify the negatives in selenium if needed and I can print with an unsharp mask. It's incredibly economical compared to Xtol, too. I'm still using the same batch I mixed back in November. Tim, if you are using HP5+ what's your favourite brew?

tim atherton
17-May-2004, 09:41
"Tim, if you are using HP5+ what's your favourite brew?"

I prefer to use rotary processing - I use Xtol for a lot of films, but for whatever reason (and I tried most things) I could never get even development with HP5 & Xtol.

Right now I'm really getting to like DD-X + HP5 - very nice. 1:4 or 1:9