View Full Version : APO Nikkor F/9.0 360mm coverage assuming contacting printing

16-May-2004, 05:03
Would this lens cover 11x14? The talk about build your own ULF got me thinking again. How about 8x16? There are some postings claiming 70degrees of coverage at quailty levels good enough for contact printing. That works out to be over 500mm of coverage which should be enough for 11x14. Considering the different shape of 8x16 will it be enough?

16-May-2004, 16:15
I suspect that the 360mm Apo Nikkor will have an image circle large enough to cover 11X14, but the quality at the edges may not be acceptable, even for contact printing. In any event I am certain that you will need to stop down to at least f/45 or f/64 with this lens on the 11X14 format to get acceptable performance. I used a 420 mm f/9 Apo Nikkor for several years with the 7X17 format and it covered ok, but at the corners the image was a bit soft even at f/64.

16-May-2004, 17:01
Thanks. Sounds like a different lens might make more sense. I'd like to build the camera around the lens to limit the challenges.