View Full Version : Nikkor 210mm f.10 Process Lens

16-May-2004, 02:58
Has anyone used this lens for 8x10 work? How much movements were you able to get out of it? Many thanks in advance.

Jon Barter
31-May-2004, 20:55
this lens has monstrous coverage , somewhere around 600mm . Should be good for all movements , apeture only runs to f32 though

Michael S. Briggs
1-Jun-2004, 00:29
The info that I have is that Nikon rated the coverage as 74 degrees at f22. This would be 630 mm diameter at 1:1, i.e., for an image the same size as the subject. As a process lens, Nikon rated the coverage for 1:1 reproductions. Simple but approximate optical arguments say that the coverage for a distant object would be half of this, for a diameter of the circle of coverage of 315 mm. What you consider to be adequate resolution or sharpness may differ from Nikon's standards for process lenses, so your coverage may differ.