View Full Version : Algaecide for Jobo Processor Water?

Andre Noble
15-May-2004, 15:15
Can anyone who uses a Jobo w/ algaecide recommend a non-chlorinated algaecide for use with your Jobo bath on a CPP2 processor, for example.

The L.A. water here is very hard, hence I fill up the Jobo with distilled water, which lasts about 4 or 5 days before it starts to get murky and smell like a fishbowl before I have to empty it.

I'd like to extend the useable time of the Jobo bath waterwith help of a safe, non-chlorinated algeacide. Any notes on your experience (ie, brands, dilution used) would be welcome.

Andre Noble
15-May-2004, 17:05
I found one: It's by "Sea-Klear"the algaecide uses a metal (copper) and supposedly lasts 3 months.

This will make my life alot easier using the Jobo.

15-May-2004, 20:58
Why need it be non-chlorinated? The chlorine shouldn't be a problem as long as it doesn't come in contact with photographic materials.

I have a CPE and add 1.5 capfulls of extra-strangth Clorox Bleach when I fill it. This lasts 1-2 months without algae/mold growth. When mold begins to appear, I empty the unit, Wash it down with a strong (5-10%) Bleach solution, rinse a few times, then refill.

Andre Noble
15-May-2004, 21:16
The Jobo manual mentions something about not using chlorine due to the possibility of the chlorine corroding the metal heating element over time, and the subsequent electrical problems that may cause.

Steve Baggett
15-May-2004, 21:58
Visit any pool supply store and get a bottle of their non-chlorinated aglaecide. A few ounces of this stuff will treat a 25,000 gallon pool, so use only 1 or 2 drops (from an eyedropper) in the Jobo. It's safe enough to swim around in so it will be safe for any plastics or metals in your Jobo, particularly at such minute concentrations. One bottle will last you 300 years. Also works great in bird-baths, one drop per week keeps them clean.

Jeff Moore
15-May-2004, 22:26
Jobo actually makes a product specifically for this purpose, "Processor Clean II." It can be had from B&H Photo at $3.95 for a 4 oz. bag. They usually keep it in stock.

Like you, I also have hard water in my area. I also keep distilled water in my water bath. About once a month I mix about a teaspoon of the stuff in 12 oz. of water (this is very dilute), then dump it in the water bath with the pump circulating. This seems to work very well as far as keeping the water fresh (no smell at all) and the tub clean.

The key is to not let the processor tub get very dirty to start with. But if it already is quite dirty, Jobo recommends running 7 oz. of the solution in the processor (with the pump running) for at least 8 hours, or over a weekend. (These directions are right off the package.)

Brian C. Miller
16-May-2004, 12:56
I'm always dumping my water out. I develop in my bathroom, so things must be moved about. When I do color developing, I just fill the trough with tap water, and when done rinse it out and dry it.

Andre Noble
16-May-2004, 19:37
Stop teasing me :>)

Yeah, the Ultra hard water here in the dessert that is L.A. is not really suitable for any thing photographic, except maybe a quick beaker pre-rinse.

I guess you have to experience ultra hard mineral water to understand.

17-May-2004, 04:14
Jobo also warn against using chlorine in the CPE-2. They say it attacks the plastic and makes it brittle if I recall correctly.


Brian C. Miller
17-May-2004, 10:22
Doesn't vinegar disolve hard water mineral deposits? Vinegar is acetic acid, isn't it? Thus you could clean the deposits from the trough with stop bath. Also, there's stuff for coffee machines which removes minerals quite nicely.

Charlie Skelton
18-May-2004, 05:53
I have one of these, I put some Copper Sulphate in and have had no Algae problems, I just top up with water occasionally, the Copper won't wear out and I can't see that it will effect the heating elements, though I guess that it might deposit. I will check.