View Full Version : 70 Year old Lens NEW in the box.

3-Mar-2013, 13:12
I have a GEORG LEITMYR Munchen 10302 Weitwinkel O Anastigmat f: 6.8/90, This lens has never been removed from its box or used. Does anyone know anything about this lens and if anyone thinks they might be interested in this lens let me know.

I know this isn't the for sale forum but I just wanted to see if anyone has any information on this item.9054590546

Steven Tribe
3-Mar-2013, 15:17
This is it, I think.

From lens VM (available from CCHarrison here).

Leitmeyr f6.8 65, 90, 108, 120mm This was noted as a 90mm in a Prontor shutter and as
a lens in a plain barrel. The 108mm was said to cover 7x5in, so it is a really wide angle design.

List in the For sale thread - but it has many better known competitors at this focal length.

Ken Lee
3-Mar-2013, 16:32
I believe Weitwinkel means "wide angle".

Michael Graves
3-Mar-2013, 18:13
I had a 90 6.8 Weitwinkel for a short while. I gave it up simply because it only eeked out a 4x5 negative. Even a trifle off center and the image would vignette. It was quite sharp and contrasty all the way out and then dropped off like a black hole. For 2x3 or 3x4 it would be a wonderful little lens.

Dan Fromm
3-Mar-2013, 19:21
Part of this rambling discussion http://photo.net/classic-cameras-forum/00bLhb bears on Leitmeyr Weitwinkel lenses. There appear to be two design types, 4/4 double Gauss and 6/2 more-or-less Angulon.