View Full Version : Turner Reich "Casket Set"

2-Mar-2013, 15:31
I've finally managed to put together a clean 8x10 "casket set" of T-R cells. Does anyone already have the various combination resultant lengths and apertures figured? In other words, if 21-28 yields 12, and 19-25 yields 12, what will I get from 19-21, 19-28, 21-25 and 25-28?


Steven Tribe
2-Mar-2013, 15:52
I would suggest cameraeccentric - but the site appears to be kaput at the moment!

Louis Pacilla
2-Mar-2013, 16:00
Maybe this will help.

2-Mar-2013, 16:29
Thanks. Interesting that they sold a casket set with lengths different than their normal #5 offerings.