View Full Version : Fuji buries 5x7

Dirk Rösler
2-Mar-2013, 09:29
Apologies if it has been posted on the forum already. Fujifilm announced on 21 Feb 2013 that Velvia 100, Velvia 100F and Provia 100F in 5x7 size will be discontinued.

Perhaps most people had not even realised that it was even still available (Japan only), but nonetheless there you have it.

It does not appear that any other sheet film products are changed, except appearance of the packaging. Full release here:


They will ship until September.

Renato Tonelli
2-Mar-2013, 11:25
Too bad. I knew it was coming and stocked up on the Provia 5x7. I wish Acros was available in 5x7.

Teodor Oprean
2-Mar-2013, 12:58
I also wish I could buy Acros 100 in 5x7.

Jim Andrada
6-Mar-2013, 18:34
I just ordered a couple of boxes of 5 x 7 Provia and Velvia last night - it is still in stock at the big camera stores in Tokyo. I believe Fuji plans to withdraw it in the September timeframe. I also ordered a couple of more boxes of 8 x 10 Acros although at the moment it is out of stock. I plan to get a few more boxes of Acros in 8 x 10 and maybe cut a couple of boxes down to 5 x 7. One of my clients is coming to Tucson from Tokyo over the weekend and I should have the film Sunday night.
Cutting 8 x 10 Provia down to 5 x 7 might be cheaper than buying the 5 x 7 from Japan though.

Noah B
6-Mar-2013, 18:43
The world will continue hating on 5x7, we must keep fighting! Makes you wonder how much time is left for 5x7 film...

Michael Kadillak
8-Mar-2013, 08:37
The world will continue hating on 5x7, we must keep fighting! Makes you wonder how much time is left for 5x7 film...

Same fears were expressed her 10 years ago concerning 5x7 and it is still going strong. There are plenty of 5x7 shooters and camera manufacturers out there and all will be just fine. Support the films that are available and keep the faith (i.e. keep shooting 5x7).

Jim Andrada
8-Mar-2013, 09:00
I checked prices and as I thought it is cheaper to get 8 x 10 Provia and cut it to 5 x 7 than to buy it at current Japanese prices. There;s a cost difference of about $1 to $1.50 a sheet in favor of cutting down US purchased 8 x 10.. On the other hand it can be a hassle cutting it and there is probably some loss in the process. Exchange rate is moving in the right direction so the gap will probably settle around $1 a sheet for the near future.