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28-Feb-2013, 18:30
Where can one buy 3x4 sheet film in North America/Canada?

28-Feb-2013, 21:21
Try Freestylephoto.biz

28-Feb-2013, 21:45
Does it have to be exact? Or does it need to be a known emulsion? I have a box of Electron Microscopy film I haven't gotten around to trying yet, it's 3-1/4x4". Search for Kodak 4489.

28-Feb-2013, 23:30
I was told that cutting down 240mm wide aerial film works well. I believe 3x4 film is 81mm-ish wide so I'm guessing you can get 3x 80mm off the aerial film (1mm short, but still fits in a 3x4 holder). Length is around 107 mm and you can get a 61m roll of fillm for less than $200 on Ebay. That's like 1500 sheets of 3x4 for $200. Not bad :D

1-Mar-2013, 02:00
I meant to say the 61 m roll of film is less than $300. Still, 1500 sheets @ $300 is 20c per sheet. Very affordable.

Marc B.
1-Mar-2013, 02:09
As mentioned, any USA 're-seller partner' of Ilford film (such as Freestyle), should be able to get/have what you need.
Ph# 1-800-292-6137

From Ilford's headquarters home page; re...Canada:

Amplis Foto Inc
22 Telson Road, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1E5, Canada
Tel 905.477.4111 Fax 905.477.2502
Email info@amplis.com
Website http://www.amplis.com

Below is a [condensed] excerpt from Simon, at Ilford/Harmon, from a thread on APUG
announcing the upcoming annual ordering period for Ilford, ULF films, with specific mention of 2 X 3 film.

02-27-2013, 01:12 AM
Dear All,
...anything we have made before like the 2 x 3 we have the ISO standard cutter guides so it should be on the list, you can still request any size any product and we will see what we can do...

APUG post in it's entirety:

Roger Thoms
1-Mar-2013, 09:04
The problem with the Ilford's ULF run is that the 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 film is priced way out of line compared to the other films in the run. In the past it has been about the same price as 4 x 10 film, and I find that kind of hard to swallow. I did contact Simon Galley about this price discrepancy and he ignored me. I still buy plenty of Ilford film, just not 3 1/4 x 4 1/4.